Build a Jet Powered Anything You Want :-)

This Toyota MR2 is really jet engine powered. The builder gutted out the engine compartment and well, here's his story...

Oh boy! I am gonna have to write a long liability waiver to sell this one! You don't have to be crazy to buy this, but it will help. Unsafe @ any speed! But soooo much fun! This is a 1985 toyota mr2 with three, thats right three! Turbojets powering it. I have had the car to 85 mph and in order to take it any faster it needs high speed tires, and by the way it will go a lot faster!

Under the hood [front] is a 5 hp honda engine that drives an oil pump for the bearings of the turbos and a fuel pump that supplies jet a to the combustors @ 450 psi, additionally the engine drives an alternator for the 12 volt electrical system. Interior of the car contains the various fuel controls oil temp, voltmeter, oil pressure, fuel pressure guages and three [1 for each turbo] pyrometers. A dc to ac inverter is installed to drive a neon transformer used to supply ignition to the combustors. Fuel quanity is 21 us gallons of jet-a and oil capacity is 12 us qts turbos are started with a leaf blower and you are off and running, idle rpm is prox 25,000 rpm and full speed is estimated @ 75,000 rpm, total thrust @ full speed is prox 190 lb. NOTE: There is a small 4 place French Jet that has some where around 500 pounds of thrust which pushes it to 344 mph...just to give you an idea of what this guy's built.JK

Its fast! Hearing protection is recomended behind the car but driving it is very quiet and smooth. It is soooooooooooooo much fun! Clear title and registered in iowa, it is probably street legal except for this little excessive noise issue, turn signals, windsheild wipers etc. Tow bar is included, and it tows very smoothly. I will give hands on instruction to the successful bidder when picking up the mr2. Successful bidder agrees to sign a liability waiver holding seller harmless should the purchaser do something ultra stupid with my little car!


I'd be willing to bet you could whip up something like this out of bits 'n' pieces, and have a ball doing and showing it. This first picture is from under the hood...the front one that is.

Tubing, nozzles and valve stuff from a Walthers HO RailRoad catalog will do up the interior.

The next three pix are of the jet engines themselves. I don't think you'd have to be too exacting back here.