If you're into TV or movie vehicles, here's one that shouldn't be too hard to do. I'm pretty sure AMT's 50 Pick-up could be modified to match this 52. It was green when it came from the factory, and the fire wall still is. I'm not sure if any one made a scale 3 carb manifold or split exhaust for a six, but that should be pretty easy to scratch build. If you want more photos posted, just hollar.

I found this out behind a shed where it had been sitting for quite a few years. The title is from 1981. I've got a new gas tank to install in her, and I may replace the front seat with an original, unless this one correct. I haven't been able to find any photos of this when it was on the show so I've got no way of knowing that.

Weird paint job, or what???

The lettering on the blue has faded quite a bit, but is still readable up close.

You probably can't read it too well, but "Offenhauser" is cast into the intake manifold between the front and middle carbs.
That's a genuine ahooga horn there folks. Can't hardly find them no more :-)

Under the intake manifold, you can see one of them thar geeenuine dual exhausts.