This could be a fun project if you've got the time and skills to get it done. It won't be easy, but it would be a prize winner.

Looks like a front clip transplant until you realize the body contours are 100% 67 4-4-2. Can it really be?

Yup, that's an Olds all right

Not a Chevy back here either.

Yup, Olds in here too! Read "the rest of the story" below this photo.

It seems that when a tree looses a fight with gravity, and it's next to a stock 4-4-2 coupe, bad things happen. Fortunately, this guy is a master body man (DUH no kidding) who just happened to have a 67 El Camino with a bloody nose. He mated all the pick up components from it to his bent Olds and, well you see the rsults. You have to give him points for finishing the rear end the way he did. He could have just grafted the El Camino tail lights and bumper on, instead he popped for a set of Olds wagon lights and the proper bumper too. I think it was easier for him to do that rear end right than it will be for any of us who tackle this project. Some major scratch building here folks. Can you say "Blue Ribbon?"