This has to be one of the sweetest wagons I've ever seen. Not only that the fit and finish, at least from what you can see in the photos, appears to be first class. While this is a 62, there's no reason you couldn't do this to any of the Thunderbirds that used this body shell. To make this project even easier, F & F resin is working on an Olds Vista Cruiser and just might make the roof section available separately if we all talk nice to him. He also has a 61 Thunderbird kit available which is very close to this 62.

It all seems to fit like it was designed to be this way.

I'm not sure if that hatch is home-made or from another vehicle.

This shot leads me to believe the hatch is home-made.

Looks great from any angle, but it's gorgeous from the side.

Ah yes, the lap of luxury :-)

I think I would have picked something a little more colorful in the way of upholstery if I had of done this.

Ah pistons. Obviously a do-it-yourself job, but a good one.

390 Cubic inches of gas guzzeling delite. Is it the 300 or the 340 horse mill????