Resin Realm 53 Starlite Coupe
& AMT Starliner Hardtop

Also for the R&R 1952 Convertible
available from STAR Models.

The Resin Realm presents authentic automotive colors available for modelers in the lower 48 states only in 1 and 2 ounce bottles. These single stage Acrylic Enamels provide a high gloss finish without a clear coat.

1 oz bottle $7.50 - 2 oz bottle $12.50

"How do I know how much paint I'll need?"

If you're going to do a TuTone paint job, a 1 oz. bottle of each color will usually do the job even if you've got very little experience with an air brush.

If you're going to do a single color paint job a 1oz. bottle will do the job if you're an experienced modeler. If you've never used an air brush before, go with a 1 oz bottle only if you feel lucky...otherwise get a 2 oz. bottle just to be sure you've got enough from the same batch in case you need to spray on another coat.
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Please note that all colors are approximate due to differences in monitors and the way systems and browsers interpret colors. All paints are mixed from original color charts of the era.

Solid Colors

Plus Velvet Black

Two Tone Combinations

Check out the Gallery of real 1953 Studebakers below!

I've always thought the 1953 Studebaker was one of the most beautiful automobile designs to ever grace the highways of America, a preference echoed by discerning car lovers for 55 years.

The AMT 1/25th scale Starliner has been a favorite of modelers for four decades. It has been re-released at least 3 times that I'm aware of and is sure to be available for as long as there are modelers anxious and willing to build it.

Last year I began offering a 53 Starlite Coupe in resin making a life long wish to have a model of my 53 Commander Regal, shown below, a reality.

12 solid and 10 two-tone color combinations were offered at the beginning of the 1953 model year. Several were carry-overs, like Maui Blue which first became available in 1951 for the convertible only, and as the lower color in a two-tone combination with Nocturne Blue for the Starliner Hardtop in 1952. It was also available for the 1952 convertibles (R&R resin kit available from STAR Models) and was featured on the Indy Pace car seen above. Tahoe green also joined the color mix in 1952

One thing to keep in mind is that for a nominal fee, Studebaker would cheerfully paint your new car in a two-tone paint combination not officially available. Ivory Mist over Coral Red is a good example as are Chippewa or Lombard Green over Ivory Mist and the same colors reversed with Ivory Mist on top. A general rule of thumb was that if a paint combination looked good, you could get it from the factory.

A mid-year addition of Salem White over Bolero Red along with a Flax vinyl interior was offered as a special spring color combination. There are no mixing formulas available for these two colors yet but we'll keep looking for them and offer them if they become available. There is an example of this combination near the bottom of the photo gallery further down the page.

My Ivory Mist Commander

Ivory Mist over Coral Red

Nocturne Blue over Maui Blue

The Studebaker script was used as a color divider on two tone cars.

Ivory Mist over Maui Blue

Nocturne Blue over Ivory Mist

Chippewa Green

Tahoe Green over Chippewa Green

Monterey Beige

Coral Red over Ivory Mist

Ivory Mist over Coral Red

Tahoe Green

Olympic Gray over Tahoe Green

Salem White over Bolero Red (Spring Colors available soon)

Chippewa Green over Lombard Green

Velvet Black

52 Maui Blue Convertible

Star Models offers a 1/25th scale resin kit of this car. 1952 was Studebaker's 100th Anniversary and they supplied all the cars for the running of the Indy 500 that year. A set of Pace Car decals for this car can ususally be found at eBay

Nocturne Blue and Tahoe Green were also available for this car