This is the pillared version of Bob Bourke's (mistakenly attributed to Raymond Lowey) fabulous 53 Studebaker .
It fits AMT's 1953 Studebaker Commander kit which is not included but is readily available at eBay or your local Hobby Shop.

This is a limited production kit I selfishly had produced because I wanted to make a model of my full scale Ivory Mist Commander Starlite Coupe.

My Ivory Mist Commander

Also included is a 4 page builders detail guide with a solid and two-tone color chart and 3 pages of photo details.

No Chemical Clean-up Needed!

This kit has already received the recommended 24 hour Bleche Wite soak and final wash, and since it has already been de-flashed, all that you have to do is the final sanding, prime and paint the color of your choice!

The car on the left is an example of what we comes out of the mold ...
The car on the right is an example is what it looks like after de-flashing :-)
All of our kits are delivered cleaned up like this.

To show my appreciation for your business...

I'm enclosing a few goodies I think you'll find useful with each order...

So many of my customers have asked where I get the different sizes of sanding sticks I use to clean up my kits, I thought I'd enclose a set of the 3 sizes I find handiest with each order.

AND...because it seems like every time you need it, either you can't find it, you're out or it's all dried up, I'm enclosing a tube of the Crazy Glue I use.

This glue is great if you're like me and have a reaction to most brands of the stuff. I've got emphysema and bronchitis and this glue doesn't affect my breathing. The fumes don't bother my eyes either, a real bonus if you're eyes aren't what they used to be.

If you want to build a Mirror Windowed Promo style kit extra sheets of our Chrome Mylar sheet stock are only $1.00 each.

Payment & Shipping

U.S. Only... Shipping anywhere within the Continental U.S. via Insured Priority Mail is $9.00 U.S. We combine shipping at a flat rate of only $1.75 U.S. for each additional car ordered which includes any extra insurance required.

Send your payment to:

Jerry Koszut
341 South Osborne Street
Ainsworth, NE 69210

PayPal to:

Call 402-387-2882

Includes Paint!

This offer is only good for residents of the United States. Your kit will come with a one (1oz) ounce bottle of Single Stage (no gloss coat needed) Air Brush Ready Acrylic Enamel. Select one of the 10 Studebaker factory colors that were available from the chips shown below and be sure to include the name of your color choice (subject to stock on-hand) in your e-mail to avoid shipping delays.

Add $4.00 for another bottle of the same color or a different color if you want to two-tone your model.

Plus Velvet Black

Please note that all colors are approximate due to differences in monitors and the way systems and browsers interpret colors. All paints are mixed from original color charts of the era.

Two Tone Combinations

Here's the clean-up process in detail...

First all Flash is removed using sanding sticks and various grinding tools...

then, we soak your kit components in a vat of Bleche-Wite for a minimum of 24 hours.

After the Bleche-Wite soak, the components are rinsed and placed in a tub filled with soapy water and scrubbed using a tooth brush to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Last but not least, a fresh water rinse removes the soap residue after which the parts are dried using lint free paper towels.

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